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Stecco Method - Fascial Manipulation Courses
Stecco Method – Fascial Manipulation
February 24, 2016 Dr. Phillip Snell

Fascial Manipulation - Stecco Method

From the work of Luigi Stecco, broadened by his children, Drs. Antonio and Carla Stecco, Fascial Manipulation offers the best current science on manual therapy targeting the fascial compartment. These courses are open to licensed healthcare providers, including massage therapists with at least 3 years of university education. Each course is 3 days in length and it is highly recommended that applicants take all Level 1 and Level 2 courses to achieve proficiency.

In Level 1 students are exposed to the Centers of Coordination (CC) which form myofascial sequences and are responsible for movements of the body in all three planes of space. The CC are areas of connective tissue that, if altered, become responsible for many diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Students learn patient history and assessment as well as organization and application of treatment.

In Level 2, students are shown how complex multiplanar movements are reflected in the Centers of Fusion (CF) in the fascial system. With the study of Centers of Fusion, the student begins to move beyond cardinal planes into spiral patterns in order to enable more complete treatment.

More detailed explanation of the Stecco Method may be found at the international website.

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