Safe, At-Home Exercises You Can Do Now

Remember the last time you had a cut on your knee? It hurt every time you bent it, and no matter how many times you changed the band-aid, the cut would open, and your knee would start to hurt all over again.

Well, your back pain works the same way.

By repeatedly doing movements that aggravate your back problem, the pain won’t go away. That means that if you have flexion intolerant back pain and you continue hinging at the injured part of your back when you bend forward to pick up your shoes, take out the garbage or put on your socks, then your back will never completely heal.

The videos below will help you with the most common complaints we hear in the clinic from people with a flexion intolerant back like yours. Things like how McKenzie exercises can help, how to get out of a chair, how to roll over in bed without pain, and getting in and out of a car without hurting.

If you’re like most of the people we see, you’re probably doing some common exercises or repetitive movements that are causing ongoing pain. So in the videos below, we’ll also cover the exercises you should stop doing and offer some better options.

Access to these videos is completely free and we guarantee they will help you perform these common movements in a way that does not hurt.

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McKenzie Exercises

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These exercises should get you ‘out of the weeds’ for now, but you need to learn more to take control of this condition. Check out the other videos here on to get up to speed. If you’re ready to take charge of the situation and are ready to do some work, we have an extensive library of exercise videos which we can walk you through to keep this pain from being chronic. Click on the link below to learn more…

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