Top 3 Questions Patients Have About Their Disc Injury
April 16, 2016 Dr. Phillip Snell

Am I Going to Be OK?

Clinicians who treat low¬†back pain¬†commonly find that patients with painful disc herniations have a great deal of fear and worry about their long term prognosis after the injury. Much of the prognosis depends on the patient’s understanding of the mechanism of injury and avoidance of that movement pattern for long enough to let things knit. The 3 linked blog posts below from FixYourOwnBack, address the most common questions we hear in our clinic. If you have a disc injury, stay optimistic, and work to improve your movement…the prognosis is good!



Remember when you were a kid and you skinned your knee and as the scab healed you had a strange urge to keep picking at it? Many of us can recall our mother’s voice in our head…

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Since its advent in modern healthcare in the late 1970s, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has been the darling of diagnostician’s seeking a better way to identify causation of low back pain. Unfortunately, the promise of MRI to definitively…

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A common misconception in many patients is that the preferred treatment for lumbar disc herniation is surgery. Many people think that once a disk has herniated, the extruded portions must be surgically removed or they will always provide pressure…

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