McKenzie Exercises Help Sciatica Pain Fast
February 25, 2016 Dr. Phillip Snell

If you have back pain of moderate to severe intensity right now, especially if you have pain your buttock or leg too, these simple McKenzie exercises should help reduce your symptoms quickly.  Check out all the videos below to learn a variety of different exercises to help you hurt less. If you’re fed up with the regular recurrences of this type of pain, or don’t want this type of thing to become regular, you’ll benefit from the McKenzie extension exercises shown in the first video below. We’re happy to share our exercise progression for rehabilitation of lumbar disc herniation and sciatica that we have used successfully in our clinic for years. If your primary goal is to get out of pain fast, the McKenzie Exercises video below should help. As a bonus, you can also view the other 3 videos which discuss how to address common daily things that worsen the pain.

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McKenzie Exercises

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These McKenzie exercises should get you ‘out of the weeds’ for now, but you need to learn more to take control of this condition. Check out the other videos here on to get up to speed. If you’re ready to take charge of the situation and are ready to do some work, we have an extensive library of exercise videos which we can walk you through to keep this pain from being chronic. Click on the link below to learn more…

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