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  1. Video instruction for cutting-edge exercises to start managing your low back pain
  2. An understanding of how your daily movement patterns contribute to your pain
  3. Access to our forums, filled with folks like you who are working towards healing their own back pain
  4. Access to Dr. Snell and his team to help you troubleshoot your pain


Dr. Phillip Snell

20 years ago, I herniated a disc in my low back. My frustration of trying to figure out how to help myself, prompted me to make Fix Your Own Back. Today, I travel all over the world teaching other healthcare providers how to better help people with disc herniation. My goal is to help others in similar situations avoid the confusion and pain I went through. I look forward to working together.

Dr. Phillip Snell

Dr. Snell's program ended 30 years of endless cycles of chronic low back pain, muscle spams, sciatica, nerve and muscle atrophy, and its toll on productivity and happiness. The only chagrin I'm left with is how such a simple diagnosis and cure eluded so many doctors.

Roger E., Fix Your Own Back member

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