Is Fix Your Own Back Right for You?

The exercises and stretches you’re about to see are meant to help with lower back pain, specifically flexion-intolerant, disc related back pain. Not sure if this is you?

To find out if this type of back problem matches your pain, click on the video and take a quick 3-minute test. If this test makes you feel a bit better, then I’m here for you, and will show you easy exercises and stretches that will help relieve your pain.

After taking this test, how do you feel?

If your back pain, leg pain and/or buttock pain didn’t get worse and maybe even feels a bit better, then you most likely have an injury to a disc in your low back.

This type of injury is a common cause of sciatica and may continue to get worse if you keep doing a few common movements that are hurting the disc.

Click the link for easy exercises to protect your back and help you move without pain.