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  • My local chiropractor referred me to Dr. Snell’s website in February, after a month of severe lumbar disc pain.  When I first found the website I was literally flat on the floor of my living room, unable to move more than a few inches at a time. But I started Dr. Snell’s program that night.  I worked carefully through the chapters over the next six months, all the way to the Turkish Get-ups in Chapter 7.  Back in February, I could not even walk without terrible pain, and I was terrified that I would never be able to run again.  But within six weeks of following Dr. Snell’s program, my pain had mostly disappeared.  In May I was able to run slowly again.  By June, I was back to my normal running routine.  And in September, I ran a 100 mile ultra without even thinking about my back. At the finish line, my family asked about my disc injury and I said, “Oh!  Well, I guess it’s all healed!”  Thank you Dr. Snell!

    Amy C.Member